Thursday, July 16, 2009

The M.Agent.A BOX

"Ludi Incipiant!"
by Agent Saiden & Agent Zhana

The M.Agent.A Box is a new project of my friend Carolina and me. We r both graphic designer who love Art in general! So we have developed our M.Agent.A Box. We r working in the name of Art in every way (painting with oil, acrylics, aquarelle - drawing, making photos, making videos, illustrating a.s.o... Art has no limit), helping others to find their creativity through communication and positive vibes. Our Art should spread happiness and move others, motivating everybody to produce Art and enjoy life with Art.
We r the Agents for Art- the animating spirit of Art is in our souls. So our Magenta Box will be our window to show others how we r getting strength to continue our way of an Artist. The Magenta Box is a helping aid in first place. And when U fell exhausted just call "Magenta! (3 times)" and we will send u positive thoughts ;)
M.AGENT.A! (Motivating AGENT of Art)

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