Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Feira: "Olha a laranja freguesa! Ta madura ta madura!

Lately I have been inspired about popular things.. and normal things that for me can be so common.. but looking in a different perspective they are awesome! How we get used to amazing things of our quotidian life's!
I went to a street market that happens once a week at my street and thought about making pictures of the fruits fair... the vision of the fair from above too make have some ideas of paintings....
Is almost a cubist view from above... 

Monday, August 3, 2009

BodyArt with Henna...

Body Art is something Ive always liked and working with henna is one of my favorite body painting styles... But well Ive just started again this year, to try it on myself again. I havent done this for a while, and yesterday it was just snapping in my mind: make a henna tattoo, make a henna tattoo... its not finished yet. but here r some pics of my hand.
All u need for making Henna Art, is henna powder +water, a little bit of a sugar mixture and u can put some lemon into it.. mixing it all together and U can start to paint on urself. Im painting with a tiny brush for watercolours :D so u dont need any expensive stuffs, just a bit creativity.. and patience.. it has to stay for some hours (2h-6h) so it will remain for some weeks (depends as well how much ur taking a shower and washing ur hands ;) )...
make a henna day, its always relaxing and creative.. as soon as I make new henna tattoo I will post it.. it was a spontaneous idea.. :D
with love
Agent Zhana

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Zhanas Amélie Day

We r inspired by almost everything, but my generation is mostly inspired by movies or music. It is just common, because its an important topic of the 21th century. I love to watch movies, it doesnt matter if its old like "Casablanca" or some new movies, like "Confession of a Shopaholic". I just enjoy movies from all over the world, but I must say, my favorite movies r french!
Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain ("The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain") is one of these. Every 2 months Im making an Amélie-Day.

And this is my TO-DO-List on one of those Amélie-days:

  • write a (handwritten) letter
  • solve a riddle
  • drink Red wine and eat soft cheese(yummiii)
  • make a masked passport picture
  • throw stones into a river
  • write a poem
  • eat jelly strawberries from ur fingers (ah u know ;))
  • learn one new quote
  • surprise somebody
  • paint one favorite face (u can as well draw it)
  • make a photo of a garden gnom
  • sleep longer (:D)
  • wake up with music
  • dance and sing 5min (or longer) outside
  • bake a buttercake (recipe )
  • fell the grass under ur feet!! (love this part)
  • call a friend, u havent talked for a while
  • kiss somebody!! (isnt that good?!? :D)
  • make pictures or a video of this day ;)
  • oh Ive forgot almost!!.... play a trick on somebody :D

...and the most important thing on this day, share love and a happy smile... share it with everybody around U! Spread Love to all directions ;)
and U will get a lot of inspiration... try it!
It would be great of course, to fall in love.... ;)

with Love
Ur Agent Zhana ;)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Embu das Artes

A very interesting and inspirational city is Embu das Artes in São Paulo. 
Full of colors, paintings, sculptures etc... and obviously tourists
Is a very small village... a good place to have a walk and pass the day on sundays..
 filled with music.. arts and food.. lots of food, and decoration , forniture.. antiques etc....
and the best.. the prices...
Need to go back there...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Schweppes! ..and Ur creativity will FiZz...

definition of schweppicure :A Schweppicure is a person who wants to, or has had sex with Schweppes. // Interesting definition!!! Are you a SChWepPiCure??

Thursday, July 16, 2009

For inspiration

But only a little of coffee for us :-D

The M.Agent.A BOX

"Ludi Incipiant!"
by Agent Saiden & Agent Zhana

The M.Agent.A Box is a new project of my friend Carolina and me. We r both graphic designer who love Art in general! So we have developed our M.Agent.A Box. We r working in the name of Art in every way (painting with oil, acrylics, aquarelle - drawing, making photos, making videos, illustrating a.s.o... Art has no limit), helping others to find their creativity through communication and positive vibes. Our Art should spread happiness and move others, motivating everybody to produce Art and enjoy life with Art.
We r the Agents for Art- the animating spirit of Art is in our souls. So our Magenta Box will be our window to show others how we r getting strength to continue our way of an Artist. The Magenta Box is a helping aid in first place. And when U fell exhausted just call "Magenta! (3 times)" and we will send u positive thoughts ;)
M.AGENT.A! (Motivating AGENT of Art)