Monday, August 3, 2009

BodyArt with Henna...

Body Art is something Ive always liked and working with henna is one of my favorite body painting styles... But well Ive just started again this year, to try it on myself again. I havent done this for a while, and yesterday it was just snapping in my mind: make a henna tattoo, make a henna tattoo... its not finished yet. but here r some pics of my hand.
All u need for making Henna Art, is henna powder +water, a little bit of a sugar mixture and u can put some lemon into it.. mixing it all together and U can start to paint on urself. Im painting with a tiny brush for watercolours :D so u dont need any expensive stuffs, just a bit creativity.. and patience.. it has to stay for some hours (2h-6h) so it will remain for some weeks (depends as well how much ur taking a shower and washing ur hands ;) )...
make a henna day, its always relaxing and creative.. as soon as I make new henna tattoo I will post it.. it was a spontaneous idea.. :D
with love
Agent Zhana

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