Saturday, July 25, 2009

Zhanas Amélie Day

We r inspired by almost everything, but my generation is mostly inspired by movies or music. It is just common, because its an important topic of the 21th century. I love to watch movies, it doesnt matter if its old like "Casablanca" or some new movies, like "Confession of a Shopaholic". I just enjoy movies from all over the world, but I must say, my favorite movies r french!
Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain ("The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain") is one of these. Every 2 months Im making an Amélie-Day.

And this is my TO-DO-List on one of those Amélie-days:

  • write a (handwritten) letter
  • solve a riddle
  • drink Red wine and eat soft cheese(yummiii)
  • make a masked passport picture
  • throw stones into a river
  • write a poem
  • eat jelly strawberries from ur fingers (ah u know ;))
  • learn one new quote
  • surprise somebody
  • paint one favorite face (u can as well draw it)
  • make a photo of a garden gnom
  • sleep longer (:D)
  • wake up with music
  • dance and sing 5min (or longer) outside
  • bake a buttercake (recipe )
  • fell the grass under ur feet!! (love this part)
  • call a friend, u havent talked for a while
  • kiss somebody!! (isnt that good?!? :D)
  • make pictures or a video of this day ;)
  • oh Ive forgot almost!!.... play a trick on somebody :D

...and the most important thing on this day, share love and a happy smile... share it with everybody around U! Spread Love to all directions ;)
and U will get a lot of inspiration... try it!
It would be great of course, to fall in love.... ;)

with Love
Ur Agent Zhana ;)

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